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Description: Slow Erotic Blowjob Masterpiece. It was Christmas Eve and Albus and the rest of the Potters had just Apparated to the field behind the Burrow. She smelled musky and I caught a scent that smelled like cum. Butch stepped back and waited for her to end the tantrum. I showed her how to fondle my balls and cock at the same time as I sucked on her titties and moved my fingers in and out of the wetness of her hot little pussy. The show-offs were usually the sports kids; they never really applied themselves because they had practice and real sports to worry about. I never thought he would but didn't tell him that. With the seeds of though well planted Tristan opens her legs just enough to get her mothers full attention. More of an XXXX file, really. The talk lightened considerably as they made their way to Hogwarts, soon turning to the familiar subject of Quidditch and then to fantasizing about the new Defense teacher. He smiled as he looked out at the common room, at the party that his cousins had thrown together for himself and Marina.
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