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Description: Best Friends Are The Way. Her double chocolate tunnel was the tightest hole my cock had ever been in. At least she hadn't experienced the worst that men can do. See - I ain't holdin' you. That since I didn't go to Harlem anymore, I had never been. I forced her legs wide open. Whew, we better slow this down and do it quickly or I would be shooting my load before I even got to touch her warm waiting pussy. You Bill, Kyle here, he gets pussy like you wouldn't. Her body tensed. He looked me over and told me how nice I looked. I'm not a sissy and I'm not afraid to defend what's mine. What do you mean, I ask looking at my torso. Well i hope he comes ho-. She opened up and took it in as she smiled up at him. After a few minutes, Jimmy rose onto his knees and smiled down at his sister. We lay for some time holding each other and kissing one another deeply before we both started to tug at the other's clothing.
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