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Duration: 17:57 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Blow Me For Gas Money. Locked up and treated like rats in a lab experiment. I sat there in my car waiting. Tom inched further into the room to get a look at his mothers face, flushed with excitement. I narrowed my eyes at her and continued eating my waffle. Inside my mouth it met my tongue and I just let my mother's tongue move around with mine. The put 4 sets of handcuffs on her hands and feet and spread her out and put and handcuffed her hands and feet to the bed posts so she was wide open. Lorna and Alex didn't realize that while they were in the midst their throes and voicing their noisy comings, Savannah had returned and slipped into the house unheard. He heads over to the bar and leans back against it so he can watch the show. She's never seen so much money at one time. She takes the last few steps to him and slaps Terry straight across the face as hard as she can. I bet she fucks and sucks with the best. Rating 7/10