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Description: Im Back. Why am I doing all the work Timothy? We decided to play a drinking game that got us all a bit looser, this became a stripping game. I think for half a second then quickly and quietly head down to the gym. Any other people on earth. Sorry Amber, something Mary and I worked on since the last attack by the Krong, Jim said momentarily. She tried to get me hard, unfortunately it wasn't happening, so she leaned down and started to rub Sugars cock, it twitched to her touch and I watched as she got him bigger until he was soon fully erect again. Don't worry, folks, it's all done with mirrors. Jane seemed to enjoy having my hand on her pussy so I slipped it up under her dress to cup her panty covered pussy. She is so wet and warm inside. So the majestic bird decided on an alternative course of action. But I'd never thought about sex as something that could actually happen to me. All of this happened in a matter of seconds, so it seemed. Rating 3/10