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Description: Keepin It Real - Scene 4. Only I and her know for sure that what she's suddenly missing is all her underwear - well, her, me, and this bunch of superpowered assholes sharing a quiet joke at her shock and embarrassment. I used to tell him stories. As she fucked him she played with his chest and nipples, alternating between pinching them hard and sucking noisily on them. I reached for her, took her gently into my arms and pulled her down beside me on the bed. Just keep sucking, you doing a might good job. He helped me to sit up and fed me his long hot poker through the open fly of his jeans. One of the waitresses has stopped in her tracks next to our table. I want to eat you. I hissed as held onto his shoulders and he eased the first two inches of his cock into me, steadily dilating my sphincter-muscles, Fuck me! Rating 8/10