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Description: Quick Nut. But Patty had stopped her finger-work, engrossed in her friend's orgasm. Her older sister, Missy, who just turned 21 is just as violent as Liz is manipulative, if not more. When she had gone home that night she had started to tweak her profiles on the sites she was on adding spanking and dirty talk. I looked up into his eyes and he nodded as my lips parted and his cock head slipped into my mouth. It's Robert, I heard your phone ring thought it might be urgent! The Vaseline on the head of my cock coupled with the tightening of her sphincter muscles made the head of my cock slip out of her as I was shooting and I just aimed it to come all over her stomach. To see a man with such physique, and a raging cock really made her heart beat. She scolded me for not knocking. They weren't much bigger around than a nickel, but they stood out a good half an inch, just the way I like them. The three of us pulled out of her. My tongue rotated around the slick head of his cock, licking the crease from the rim to the slit, up and down. Rating 5/10
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