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Description: She Cant Handle It. The video finished as they all did, with the man ejaculating on her face. I see that they are approaching the point of obtainable mass. Again and again, her brown ass clapped against my lap, almost looking like some kind of black and white cubist painting that you'd find in a hipster café. With my tongue currled to make it as stiff as possible I fucked her little pussy. We went at it like we were in a porno film, one that had slow-motion at times, and then back to regular speed. Then I felt my semen eject into her. So we will have to be more creative. Her eyes were filled with terrible realization. A month later on the eighth Molly gave birth to yet another boy who, thankfully, looked just like his father. I'm dumbfounded, stunned, my throat is as dry as centuries old dust, and the guy who's just spoken hands me a glass of water as though he knows about my thirst as well as I do: I'm Beta, in case you're getting confused. Rating 4/10
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