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Description: Watch Me Cum All Over My Cum Tank. I carried with me my sketch book, since I was not much of one to talk to people I didn't know, a little bit introverted, and I used any chance I could to get in a sketch or two. It was hard to go slow because I was about ready to blow my load again, too, but I slowed down and just eased my cock very slowly in and out, pulling it nearly out before sliding it back in. I had popped the trunk and she threw her small case in, slammed the lid down and jumped into the passenger's seat. I rubbed my thumb over my cock and got it all wet with her juices. By the time she realized her broomstick magics were being, as you say, fucked up, there was no time to flee before she must fall, so the only thing she could do was to frighten the pair into abandoning their act of passion. Rating 9/10