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Description: Wife Catches Husband Cheating. I love you too too much to ever cause you that type of pain again. We were close, but I had never ever made any kind of physical reference to her body before, and I had no idea how to respond to this . She finished retrieving the clips and stood in front of my desk asking if there was anything she could do for me. The cold droplets of water fall on my head and run past my cheeks. I pulled my cock out one last time, then plunged it back into her cunt as violently and as fast as I could. I cannot explain how or why what happened next, but it just did somewhat naturally. She lay down beside me, cock still in my ass. I held my breath as I felt her kisses and her tongue darting into my secret place. Cathy said, Philip you just rest for a minute and watch James and I. Rating 5/10
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