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Description: Yellow Stream. By her side, she saw the shape of a man, balled up in agony, she couldn't see his face at all, but as she tried in vain to shove the rest of her blindfold from her face she realised he was beginning to move. The road graders were the only noise to break the silence in the distance as we scurried to the car. With a few fingers still fondling Aleesha, he buries his face in Britney's blossoming breasts as his right hand slides down Cora's stomach through her dark forest to smother her eager clitoris. Do you think we'll need that hanky soon? I then wondered what the hell he was doing. It was another game, this intercourse left to only squeezes and busses, touching noses over her shoulder and looking closely into each other's eyes - each waiting out the other: 'you go first', wordlessly, I placed my finger just inside the fleshy fold of her little love tunnel. Rating 9/10
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