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Description: Eliza Allure Gets Busted Open By Big Black Cock. As Tom pulled himself out of me, I cried in fear. I got into position to straddle her face and worked my cock into her throat as he fucked her. Heather also told me that she was finished with High School and looking to get out on her own. I had planned to leave her alone to think about that, but then her mouth uttered a statement that defiantly deserved a reward. It wasn't like Diva was awake and aware of what was going on scared that she couldn't control her body. She spread her legs a little further and I finally got it totally inside of her. The rest of the day seemed to creep by. I wasn't going to need that but it showed she was ready. Back at my SUV I find Sara waiting for me. Both shocking everyone in the whole class as well as her teacher. Emma lifted her leg allowing him fuller penetration, whist she cuddled the pillow against her chest.
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