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Description: Cum In My Back Door - Scene 1. I can feel my insides changing. I got fucked by a stranger. God what a capacity he had, never had Peter left her feeling this way when he'd cum. It was rubbing her ass hole and her pussy. Through the windows in the side of the canopy which covers the truck, I can see that it is dark outside. She brings her shot glass to her lips and downs it in one quick motion and the smile I once saw was gone. Fragments came flying back through the air towards Josephine, a burning unrolling bedroll, a saddlebag shedding a myriad of colored lights and smells as the lotions, potions and spells inside flared up. D'you hear this Colin? Why are you doing this to me again? I said with as much venom as I could fit into two words. I try to swallow but my throat is dry, aching. The skimpy little outfit covers up just enough to tease. I continued to kiss her, and she was starting to kiss me back. They're as unreal as ever. One of the black guys opened a beer and asked, Your parents know what you're doin', girl? Rating 1/10
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