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Description: Mr Marcus Se Coge A Una Putita Vestida De Rosa. She loosened my blindfold and kissed me softly and stepped back from the table. She could tell from John's reaction that it was turning him on. She goes there once a week and its gonna be awhile. A fist was made and inserted - this caused her to let out a yelp but not one of agony but of pleasure. She was trying to make sense of what she just witnessed. I told her the truth, I was nervous but I know that I didn't want to stop. We didn't always do sexual things, but we enjoyed the company. Trenton rubs himself even harder. I couldn't hold myself back anymore and I brought the glass to my cock and fucked it, sinking deep into the warm cum as I stroked, the orgasm rocked me so hard I saw stars. She said, Thats a nice big snake you got there Mister, its alot bigger than Billys. She groaned and bobbed her head slowly, making him moan a little. I said, Yes I would like that! Move now, just a bit, you instruct. I reached down with my left hand and spread apart her dripping lips, Raiin was arching her back and moving around my hand as I worked to hold her lips open. Rating 9/10
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