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Description: Pokémon Eyes. He heard her sighing and whimpering for the rest of the night through the thin walls. She yelled back as she rushed through the crowd with a burst of confidence, catching up to him quickly. He then pushed a finger in her hole and fucked her as his fingers on his other hand rubbed her clit. I let her legs rest on my shoulders again as I stayed buried to the hilt in her convulsing cunt. Naked, on his knees, sucking cock beforeGod and everyone else. A noticeable bulge was present in his trunks. I then wondered what the hell he was doing. ~~~Meanwhile in the halls (Josh's point of view((Fanna's crush)))~~~. Bare chested, and in shorts. I looked up to see where his voice was coming from and saw him sitting in the chair across the room. No I still liked girls. I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT SLUTS GET WHEN THEY TEASE MEN! Her lips ran along his thighs and down past his knees and back up to his butt cheeks. Rating 4/10
Models: Pinky