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Description: Big Ass Gf Riding My Dick. It only took Matt overhearing one of these conversations to decide to spend the rest of the weekend in the Marauder's Den. She looks at Tristan and Tristan smile brightly back at her. I might have considered another course of action if I had had some experience to guide me, but with a hot, clenching, and very wet cunt to probe, all I was interested in was getting the rest of the way into her. Jane suggested that I let her turn a little more to show the interesting shape to her breasts and nipples. I wasn't going to need that but it showed she was ready. It's not working! Delta confirms my fears without seeming to care much one way or the other. Somehow, Albus was not surprised. No ripples this time like the surface had turned to Jell-O. By the time the bath was ready she heard the toilet flush and saw Candace using some paper to try and clean the worst of the stuff off. John asked on their way back to Gryffindor.