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Description: Widowmaker Tease. Come on mister, shoot that cum for me and she began to suck harder and faster. What's it like G? She peeks her eyes open to see half of her fiancé's body on half of her own. Alex and Lorna nodded and held hands. Okay, I'm gonna change then rising without warning on her elbows and catching her little brother off guard; noticing his gaze diverting immediately from between her thighs. Having just moved in the prior weekend after staying with my mom while recovering from the shock of losing my last job I still had boxes laying all over the place. Round like a rain drop. And yet, I couldn't wait to see how things worked out Wednesday evening with my sister and my black goddess. To feel him explode with sweet hot cum inside me sent me off into a mind numbing orgasm that I thought would never end. Rating 2/10
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