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Description: 1425468. For all the shame of the things Kyle made me do, I had never. I was still hard as a rock and it felt so good. Morgana here was nigh on drowning here in our moat and I made her promise on her witch's power to obey forever anyone who rescued her. Ty leans forward and she feels his hot breath as he hisses in her ear, You'd better be a good little fucking whore because we'd hate to have to bust up that cute little face of yours permanently. He just used her mouth as a fuckhole and now he sprayed her face and hair with his semen, shouting all the time, getting cum into her eyes, into her nostrils. It's creepy how she can go into how she was there during my internship and was one of my field coaches for a time but we became good friends. Rating 4/10
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