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Description: 2 Sissies Barebacked In Foursome. He would screw any girl and hightail it out of their in the middle of the night. ---------CHAPTER 2-----Tiffy's head still spins a bit as the white Porsche zooms down the city streets. Once finished I pull Morgan close to me to whisper. I measured it at a later time. She turns around and bends over and her ass smiles back at her in the mirror. I tugged on the back of her pants for a second until she realized what I wanted and squeezed her legs together on my head. He seemed a bit surprised and said Well, okay. My nose bleeds. When a First Class vampire offered blood to a lesser vampire it was both rare and an honor. Raising my eyebrows slightly while smiling I replied Yes.? She had turned her head and coyly looked back over her shoulder when she answered with a beautiful seductive smirk on her face, You're right. Rating 9/10