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Duration: 19:08 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Salt & Pepper Makin Love. This submission is written for the enjoyment of the readers of this site. She paused rubbing her hands over my smarting cheeks and asked Would you like to give her the last five? Well, thanks, but you're the only guy to ever have said that. Hang on the line for some information, Susan! Oh where, oh where is my little sex slave? Holy shit I thought to my self. OK but when you get here you can forget about 'thrashing anything out', I'll be interested in the 'other things' to which you are alluding. Thus, it never dropped dung either, a great relief to Hal. Climbing further down into better air, feeling joyful for my. When I acted like a girl. I would like to thank all my family for being here. Bob, will you please fill the tub with warm water, not scalding but damn sure not cool?