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Description: Barrett, Romario & Riley Burke. No problem and sorry I had to cancel our evening after happy hour tonight. I had heard of autoerotic asphyxiation before, but never had the temptation to try it, until tonight. I felt my fingers slipping between the folds of skin and she was wet! I held out my phone while he held me tightly. Damn your eyes, be quiet, girl. She could feel his long cock deflating inside her. I sit down, turning on the news thinking I'll get ready when it is over. Can you swing it? Every thrust hit me with an impact that made my tits bounce wildly and shoved me forward, forcing Kevin's cock deeper into my throat. It's gonna feel strange just having a cock and not knowing who is on the other end but you know me and a cock is a cock as far as I'm concerned! Rating 4/10
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