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Description: Bed Time Story Pt1&2. Again, and looked up at her as if it were all the same: she knew he hadn't forgotten her and that first time, that very first time - when they were sixteen, before the video, before they dared touch each. This would speed things up I thought. She seemed to like it so I kept going, we all sat there chatting and she opened her legs a little further so I worked my hand a little higher up her thigh gently stroking back and forth. Shit man, he said, with admiration in his face, You are one lucky motherfucker to have her. Needless to say I wasted no time if taking her fingers into my mouth and savouring the wonderful exotic taste of our young Mary Jane. I have no other family. This evening though, years later and each overtly predatory of the other, she arched heavily and agreeably against her brother, her head thrown back on his shoulder and her face to his throat. Rating 6/10