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Description: Bed Time Story Pt1&2. My sudden burst of pure sexual pleasure caused David to orgasm massively, holding me firm against him, his cock deep inside me as he flooded my pussy with his hot man juice. Then I made him put it back in his mouth. But I really didn't care. When I graduated from high school and went off to college I was sure that it would never be the same again. Sara been listening to every word reaches around to hug me from the back; I hadn't even noticed her sneaking up on me. Yeah, you're right, Sue. The whites of her knuckles stood out, so hard was she gripping the rails, orgasm was upon her, her head dropped forward as she let out a long low moan. Tristan's body suddenly feels spectacular and her orgasm floods her mothers face in her love juices. And not when I was enjoying myself so much. I didn't care though it felt too good to care. The Doctor offered. Sara, This will NEVER happen again. Rating 6/10