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Description: Miranda Lawson's Nighttime Shenanigans. Same old thing that happens to everyone. Sara and commands the house. All I ask is a favor. The force of his groin rifling into her milky white ass sends shockwaves through her supple buttocks. D'you mind if I take over this time, it will give you a rest? Positioning it for herself as she slowly impales herself. 'Shush!' he whispered. I stroked his length as I lay back on the coffee table and spread my legs wide. Cupping my balls in her hand she stuck out her tongue and lightly flicked over my pee hole. She stopped me, sat up, turned around and whispered, I want to try it on top. She just laughed as I began concentrating on bringing her to orgasm. He looked so adorable, she thought, with his dark, messy hair and dark, yet, innocent looking eyes gazing at her through the mirror. Rating 4/10