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Description: Romeo + Remy Mars. I decided to take things deeper. I'd spend hours at the arcades and adult book stores on South Wabash, getting my dose of porn. I was very horny at this time, we got to her house, and went in. After the day's exertions I could not have thought it possible but this climax started deep down and rose with such pressure that I could feel my balls contract again and again, the cum jetting up my cock in spurt after spurt, and she swallowed it all. I pulled her face away from my crotch and kissed her. And in a few day's time our young Duke and his dragon will leave on his quest. I can feel two holes open up inside the gash. Would you mind keeping the door open a crack so we can get back in. Some things I could make a rough guess about. I eased back when I sensed I was close to cumming in her. That was all it took. But as his waist slipped past the top of the net a warm palm moved up the inside of his left leg and then held his cock. Rating 2/10
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