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Description: Gay Chub Getting Sucked. It was going to hurt! She pulled my hair and ran her fingers through it too. You wanted to have sex with this slave, didn't you? Surely a witch couldn't be affected by the dragon sweat like any normal chit of a girl? A shaft of golden sunlight. Alisha was still crying, the reality of what had happened sinking in. Oh my fucking God no, she blurted as she recognized the face behind the mask. All of a sudden I was embarassed. I told her that I needed to stop downtown at the local toystore to look at strap-ons, we had been talking about getting one for her for awhile now but had yet to stop and look at what was offered. I asked really? I said, Sure and helped her remove her blouse, bra, pants, and panties. She turned toward me, stood closer than she ever had before. We ate breakfast and I drove her back to base to the club where her car was, and she handed me her official card with her cell phone number on the back. Rating 7/10
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