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Duration: 4:33:21 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Nifty Fifties & Anal. At 5'3, 100lbs, with a trim figure and full B cup breasts, it made me feel pretty happy to know I still had what it takes. I wondered about what I was about to do but on the other hand I knew damn good and well I was going to do it so why even think about it. We were even on a mailing list to receive them as soon as they were released. Let me tell you something.I am a man and as such I know that I am not supposed to show emotion, but this girl really brought the humanity out in me and tears came to my eyes. Robert never spoke continuing to nibble at her ear, then down toward her breast, assuring that his cock sat stationary within her pussy lips. Women brought up from birth to believe themselves as something rather less important to men than horses or hounds.
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