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Description: Cutie Pies 02 - Scene 3. She had a beautiful pair on her, and for years, I couldn't stop thinking about them or staring at them. Dummm dum da dummmm. My hairs stood on end as I heard this. She wore a form fitting coffee colored mini-dress that hugged every part of her petite perfect body like a glove. And a nice butt. She had that look in her eye, and she kissed her horse goodnight, and after closing the stable door securely, strode purposefully off to the food room where all the different feeds for different horses were kept. I said wait as I help up one finger in a gesture. Ok, all of the girls, put your hand in the lap of the boy next you. I gently pushed their hands away and said Please, don't do that. I knocked again and slowly opened the door. Shelly had rolled over onto her side to face me and had hiked the front of her skirt up so as to expose her crotch. Then I watched as Barbara pulled her feet up toward her ears curling her back in the process and putting her freshly used pussy right into Jane's waiting mouth.
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