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Description: Take Me - Stella Cox. Walking over to me she jabbed her tongue down my throat then told me, You are a great fuck; I'll have to try Vanilla again sometime; you have a wonderfully nasty hunk of cock meat. Her lips met mine and locked in place. I looked at my watch and realized I'd been sitting there for two hours at least. Any man who was good looking enough was welcome to share her bed and if he satisfied her, he was allowed to walk - or stagger - away from the tournament. It was as they say out there, a gifted for the years he had. If you can handle that we can try my cock. He invited me to make his fantasy come true, but I have not decided, if I do that, it will be. I put one hand on her lower abdomen and held her still while she came down from her climax and used the other hand to turn the pulsing jets down to their lowest level. Later in the evening we love again in the room. He aimed my cock at my face as I began shooting.
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