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Description: She Just Came Out From School. I could see why, the bar room had two big TV screens in it and one look at the crowd in there was enough to remind me it was Super Bowl Saturday. We talked for hours, she had a few more drinks, and I could tell she was getting a bit more intoxicated. Let's get the fuck out of here!I said, shut up and let me handle this! Suzie interrupts. Low moans escape from my throat as I watch you suck me. Not in a slutty way but you're obviously proud of your legs. The trees which had seemed so close had shrunk to the size of porcupine quills, the rushing mountain streams to silvery snail tracks. I said, pretending as if this were news to me. I wondered how long the hotel must have been dealing with her. Her cunt juices where flooding the bed and my cock was so slimy from the amount of cum that was coated on my shaft as she bucked like a wild horse and I tryed to remain inside her, a she squeezed my bare. Rating 6/10
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