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Description: Yui Hatano Uses Her Lips To Devour A Whole Dick. If ever I came back here I was coming with some serious back up, and I'd never before been so glad to see the Honda. When it's all gone, I'll move the rack to your other tube, and we'll start your enema. She looked up at me from around my cock mumbling, Bob, I have seen pictures of guys shooting off before but I never knew it came out so hard. Well as you can see one thing lead to another and now here we all are. This really got me going as her voice is the source of most of my fansties. Tristan sits up in her bed as her minds thoughts roll. I asked her, Do you want me to fuck you baby? She had that look in her eye, and she kissed her horse goodnight, and after closing the stable door securely, strode purposefully off to the food room where all the different feeds for different horses were kept. Rating 4/10