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Description: Songbird's Shame. We both scream a primal sound unable to make a coherent word. He must of been relly horny. Then, incredibly, he smiled, revealing a row of rotten and yellowing stumps in lieu of teeth. It's the hottest spot in town because if you have a good looking pair of tits and a pussy it doesn't matter what age you are, the door is always open. His pecker lurched hard several times as wave after wave of cum blasted deep into Samantha's hot vagina, driving both of them to heights neither of them had ever reached before!!! Robert withdrew slowly turning to face Emma, with her pussy still very moist his cock went straight in, he pulled her bottom into his lap, allowing his cock to slide deep, perhaps a little to deep as Emma winched, but still she slept. As I filled mom's asshole she said, Oh God that feels so good.