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Duration: 04:13 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Helping Hands. It was a big work area with a few black guys working on some cars. It wasn't just my ass that was so sore, the inside of my thighs were just as bad. Oh it was feeling so good I lost all concept and even forgot about my husband being there until I looked over and seen him stroking his hard dick. She pulled my dick out and quickly went to it. Before I could recover from the pain, she was pulling my pants up and leading me out back to the table. Tiffy goes into a coughing fit as her throat spasms back to normal. You let out a deep moan and push down on my head. You notice me looking and you flash a quick smile, not enough for your husband to notice. I'm coming home. She complied, I oiled my hand and had her lean and turn her ass to face me. As we danced I became more comfortable with the situation and even started to enjoy it As weswayed to the music he moved a little closer and I even leaned towards him and it was then I feltsomething I definitely did not expect to feel pressing against my belly. Rating 8/10
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