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Description: Little White Chicks Big Black Monster Dicks #2 - Kurious. It we don't respond he'll hold it over us for life! I also realized I was more turned on by the pictures on the table than just about anything I'd ever seen in my life. When my brain was on sex the amount of learning that went on was near absolute zero. He was furious screaming curse words. The big stud only hesitates a second before dropping to his knees, bending over a bit and, looking at your angry-red, rock-hard, dripping dick and hesitates again. Went in to the bathroom and grabbed the waste basket,. Then I took my own seat across the table and smiled at her. I will close my eyes. She thought She'll be back in a moment. If you behave well you may keep your name, if not; then I shall fashion you with a new one more befitting of your role in life; Slave. The tip of the sword tapped lightly on each of Hal's shoulders: Arise, Duke Merlinus. This isn't my story, however I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.