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Description: Dude With Ass. My pleasure lasted for maybe all of fifteen seconds the whole time Cameron never stopped kissing me. She sighed when I touched her and looked at me, but we said not a word. Oh yes that's good! Always happily resulted in her playfully dry-humping him through their nightwear during commercials and they had enjoyed each other's company alone those evenings far too much for even their own comfort. Every bone in the class rose right along with it as well. Sally rolled onto her back. Hal nodded: Yes, sire . He HAS to pay, he WILL pay! I stood there looking at her as she laid back into the soft cushions. B-Dawg slaps her hard in the face and lunges forward grabbing her by the throat and slamming her down on the couch. She gasped, raised herself up onto her knees and froze. Then the first note appeared. At least I could explain the gang's obvious relationship easily enough. Rating 5/10
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