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Description: First Anal Quest Dulce. Her back came up against the cinder block wall and I pinned her to it with my hips as my hands came up, squeezing and fondling her full, firm breasts through her t-shirt and bra. His tongue found the swollen lips of my pussy and then let it search deeper until it was softly caressing the hood over my clit. His lips stopped all of a sudden being like super glued to seal my pussy and his hands were now able to grip and move around my upper hips. I sat up, crisscrossed my legs, our knee caps touching, I gazed into her eyes. She is out the door, as I just manage to say. He slowly reached around and unhooked my bra then tossed it to the floor next to my top.* Wow.* he smiled and stared I blushed.* What?*.he responded by immeadiatly taking my semi-hard nipple into his mouth.sucking it softly. She cried out for mercy. I love you, I want to help you. He turned off the water and reached out for a two pieces of cloth. Rating 9/10
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