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Duration: 4:33:05 Submitted: 11 months ago
Description: Alex's Birthday Gangbang. Tristan only smiles and Scruggs her shoulders. She smiled and complied and I went into the bar for a drink while I waited. I had been wondering what was going on all day and now I was about to find out. I turned to look at my wife. I finally reach the bar and order myself a fuzzy navel with vodka and find a relatively clean stool. As I finished squeezing the last bit of my load off into her open mouth I looked down at her. Feels wet baby!Still not a good enough answer, those same two fingers slipped their way deep into her wet love tunnel. Go into the restroom right now and insert it, otherwise I can shove it in your ass right now. He was talking to me but his eyes kept going back to the front of my shirt and he was hard also. She now moved her hands from behind her head to her breasts and started feeling herself, pulling on her nipples, and rolling her head as she became more voluble, sighing, grunting, then as I worked harder with my lips and tongue, started screaming with great whoops of release.