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Description: Savcum - Scene 4. Cody was now licking his cum off mu face and was lick my brothers off his also. I had the day off and my girlfriend was working. You're a handsome guy, Jim, and you're funny and witty! The girl blushed, but she couldn't get out of her head how soft that skin had been. Sophia blinked. Boy, understand me. She then started licking my face with long wet strokes, removing all the bread crumbs and her dried cum from our previous encounter. Before she could relax, I took my hand and gathered our mixed fluids from her leaking cunt and smeared them over her puckered arsehole. He has a nice smile sometimes, our Mr Baldwin, even for smart assed history grads. Susan sat back on her towel and turned toward her brother. I began to kiss each asscheek quickly before I cleaned the anal crack, and the wardens allowed me this slight diversion from their instructions. I want to feel your hand on my cock slut.
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