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Description: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. With a smile, I got up and picked her up in my arms and walked into my bathroom, where I ran a hot shower in my extravagant bathroom. Hey Alisha, do you think we should ask Justin and Cody over before Christmas, I'd sure like to play with her again. We have seen the cane applied several times today, she continued, and I am wondering, where is the most painful place to be caned? As I sucked him in he sighed. He was standing over her, his dick pulsing over and over inside her, She knew that he was filling her with his hot cum. Is something wrong? Dan grabbed the sleeve of her sweater, and when she turned he gave her a concerned eye. So that you are not influenced by what one of the others answers, explained, Herr Bergen, we will not be striking all of you in the same place each time. Rating 9/10
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