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Description: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The Master-At-Arms laughed aloud, clapping his hands together as though applauding a play or an execution: The bitch-witch! I waste no time moving on the bed behind Candice as she raises her ass so I can get back inside her. He grabbed a hold of both my breasts and squeezed them together with one hand while slapping them with the other. Now time to make me come eh. Yes but the baby is in there, we can't keep the baby up with 'tickle fighting', Kori snickers a little. Or Jack Napier. But Dad you're not doing it with us, Connor says stating the obvious. Brunch finishes and we head back to the dorm where Jamal regales Candice with how we met and how I defended him in a misunderstanding. Rating 9/10
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