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Description: Coppia Italiana Lei Si Masturba. (But she complied!). Mack came in to pay us from the take, fifty percent for him, thirty percent for me and ten percent to each of the girls. His face was turned down like he was looking at the steps, but his eyes followed Kelly's butt in the tights. Her hands run back up my legs and grasps it lightly, tilting it down. Kelly squatted down and tried to look under the stall walls. Spell that, please, I requested and Scott took a piece of folded paper from his shirt pocket. I followed suit and pushed a finger inside her hot, now wet, pussy. Perhaps they thought they were in Texas. We don't wait long in the rain nor do we talk. Sunday's the full moon. I'll be asleep. Let's go through all this and see if we can find any clues to figure out who it was.