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Description: Nasty. Then I looked at her skirt, and asked again, Is it true? I wanted as much time as possible. With a smile up at me, she ducked under my expanding cock to lick them. I sat indian style about a foot in front of him so that my face was right in front of his stiff penis. Her hips and his ankles hooked over her legs, behind her knees and holding her immobilized and pinned in place; no prolonged push until he was let inside, as he had been with Bridget and Gretchen, his. I slid my other hand between us and grabbed my cock and slid it between her legs until it hit her pussy. Sex shouldn't always be play-for-play's-sake: it should on occasion be as dead-serious as something so life-affirming warranted - and they weren't exactly alike: she needed to be cherished and he swore he would remember this. Rating 1/10
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