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Description: Teasing You With My Cock. Stephanie's tongue sank back out of my cunt. Than I started loving the warm heat and the sudden painful strokes of his hand on my poor little ass. Sweat streams down Tiffy's brow and starts to loosen up the crusting cum on her face. Oh yeah!, he moaned. My tongue quickly starts going back to work, pushing deep inside of her. I looked the limo over and saw that the windows were smoked glass and nothing could be seen inside. She smiled weakly as she turned to her food. Without hesitation she took my balls in her other hand and began gently squeezing and massaging them. You're ready for me aren't you, you hot bitch?Yes, I'm ready for you baby. I positioned myself between her legs and used one hand to guide my cock head to her pussy. Marcus stopped, but not because of Nakia.