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Description: Getting Sucked. 'So you came hard too?'. By 7:00 pm everyone had left. My tongue was sticking out and licking from base to top of his shaft. Every thrust of his dick made me shudder and moan. I also kept enough of my senses to know that I must try to follow the footprints as far as I could. I looked in his eyes, and while they were filled with lust, he was being the kindest to me Okay I answered. She was always careful about it, not to let anything accidentally show. My dick was again standing straight up and at full attention. The five of us had received many millions of dollars for the wrongful deaths. Alice immediately asked. Then she laid back, breathing heavily and looking at me with a satisfied look on her face. But, she wasn't quite done as her hips continued to ride my pecker until she squealed out about a minute later in her own orgasm. It is impossible for me to take his entire shaft in my mouth, but I took as much as length of his long cock I could. Rating 9/10
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