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Description: Stuff Your Ass 3 - Scene 1. Or at least he would have if Morgana didn't seem to be taking so long to get up to speed. I released one hip from my grasp and put that hand in the middle of her back and pushed her back down on the bed as my cock started to shoot stream after stream deep inside of her. We started at about thirteen and have loved it ever since. The drinks and that fuck just really made me tired. After class, please! She started to slide back and forth along the underside of my cock. Lane questions. Do you need those puppies free? Right lets see how you like it! He bellowed, unbuckled his sword belt, threw it aside and swayed forward like a bear untimely woken from winter sleep. With a smile, I got up and picked her up in my arms and walked into my bathroom, where I ran a hot shower in my extravagant bathroom. Her pussy tasted amazing, so I licked and sucked and licked and sucked until, with a sudden tightening of all of the muscles of her body, she squirted pussy cum into my mouth and the lower half of my face. Rating 1/10