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Description: Mofos - Save A Horse Ride A Cock. As with any water park, there were plenty of beautiful girls in swimsuits. Well, except perhaps the boys that kept trying to make headway with Cassie and Sarah, only to be shot down on every attempt. The ice house was on it, together with a note that a bunch of local kids went there sometimes. So Austin and I quickly stuffed ourselves back in our shorts and all four of us flopped on the couch. Or maybe just another shot of whatever I'm drinking. He looked up at Ron. If we leave there around noon we will be back down into Pennsylvania by Tuesday night. She bounced around noisily, and I did my best to thrust up, resting my hands on her rump, but that was the extent to which I could get intimate with her. Each one she smiled at studied, and complimented. Needless to say my wife accentuated her walking moves as she sauntered back towards me, putting on a great show, for any of those patrons sitting at the tables in the first few alcoves.
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