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Duration: 02:24 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: Lil Pump. Or closing our eyes and kissing slowly, lips to lips, tongue to tongue. Ohhhh, FUCK YEAH! It wasn't long before I was driving my cock in her from the head to the base in long fast thrusts and she was grunting with each of my inward moves. Then he sort of holds my breast and hefts it in his hand. She was so tight, and so good. I continued to do this while I jerked off, a little more rigorously to get as hard as possible before moving forward to rest, or rather touch my head to its destination, as that was the angle it was standing to in any case. It was hard to go slow because I was about ready to blow my load again, too, but I slowed down and just eased my cock very slowly in and out, pulling it nearly out before sliding it back in.
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