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Description: Monster Softies Compilation 2. Mack (the boss) never let more then fifty people in to his special shows. I don't think that I've ever been screwed by her this hard. I enjoy writing them as it's great to think back to all the little details. It was as if it was a hand with the fingers jacking me off. Wouldn't want to do anything to get cut off. Her entire body had turned a vivid shade of red, a color Hal had only seen her display once before, when the pi-dogs had attacked her. She said look at me I don't have any bathing suit either. Eventually she gave out one last cry, sprawling on top of him as if she was a doe exhausted unto death by hunting dogs. The sides of her breasts could be seen. Then sitting back on her desk she put back on the now sticky panties as I shoved my limp dick back in my trousers. Her pussy was wet and flushed. The Master-At-Arms nodded absent-mindedly. He licked my entire pussy the way one licks off chocolate from the wrapper. Alice teased, making Fanna blush more. Rating 7/10
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