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Description: Self Pleasure. Slow at first, experimenting with the motion. As I rubbed my hands on her slender back I was amazed that anyone could have skin this soft. With an outstretched hand she called me over and asked me if I would like to lay down with her. Loud shushing and giggles usually followed. You are a sexy creature. The Master smiled dutifully with a twitch of his lips as the Torturer reached for his diary, a movement which paused halfway as an earsplitting scream came from the direction of the buttery. B-Dawg reaches down and pushes her hand against his crotch stroking it up and down. That shit again! After more time to think about it. Do you want my big dick in your pussy? He continues to smother her with his ass for what seems like an eternity before his dark moon suddenly moves away and the light of freedom rains down on Tiffy's ass sweat soaked face. Rating 1/10
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