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Description: He Is Shocked After Found Her Riding His Bro's Cock. 'All this eagerness for a drink, and at the end I have to get it' Robert threw his legs off the bed and stood beside it. Shakeing her head, looking at him with those sad expressive eyes. Then she looked up at me as she started at the base of my cock and ever so slowly, using just the tip of her tongue again, worked up licking off the excess mousse. He asked all at one in a hurry, still not looking at me. When we had finally stopped cuming we continued our movements now at a more gentle rhythm until we felt the animal need silently slip away. She said softly in my ear as she started grinding her ass into my now raging hard-on. Perhaps it would rather stay here with me while he went off and earned some money. I realized that it's most likely drugs and it's to do with those pictures of Jewels, to strengthen a case against her as being an unfit mother and drug addict.
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