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Description: Fatbootyricki Entertainment Flim. Susan smiled and thought about the last guy she had dated nearly two months earlier. Damn Bob, she's good. DOOM-A, DOOM, DOOM-A, DOOM, DOOM. As a token of which, I order you to kneel beside Morgana to be declared a Duke before all present. The girls were both quiet for several minutes. She started squeezing my head and I could see the muscles in her biceps bulging as she applied more pressure. He started the timer and it began counting down the minutes in electronic silence from sixty. It didn't much matter as they soon hooded me, and I couldn't see anything anymore. I wasn't sure if it was meant as a double entendre or not but I was damn sure tempted to blurt out, 'Raise your dress, turn around and bend over my desk and let me ram my cock deep inside of you Sis,' but I didn't. Rating 2/10
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