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Description: Bad Habits - Scene 3 - Sin City. You better not sting me you bastard. John, Matt, and Kaden turned to look at Albus. She thanked him with a little kiss on the cheek, and hopped down the big buss steps like a bunny. He paused by the door, as if listening. She allowed him to kiss her neck momentarily before turning her head and meeting his lips with her own. Then she shouted Hey I want to get out honey.the pool is cooler now. She now moved her hands from behind her head to her breasts and started feeling herself, pulling on her nipples, and rolling her head as she became more voluble, sighing, grunting, then as I worked harder with my lips and tongue, started screaming with great whoops of release. She giggled and spread her legs further apart. She was being held by one man, it wasn't Billy but could it be a paramedic?
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