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Description: Silverback Attack 2 - Gianna Michaels. Juliet looked thoughtful. Leaving there, Amelia took the lead and headed toward another wing of the mall. They were so beautiful together and it was perfect seeing the young women he loved, these soul-sisters, so happy. His touch was comforting. She just looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes and said, Let's go back to the room. I need a man here at the moat's edge to put a turn of rope around one of the dragon's back spikes if you need her help in hauling the witch out. Our need for each other was evident in the passion of our lovemaking. Then Brand got out one of his remotes, Julie noticed that he had about three in that pocket at the back of his pants,and a stream of ice cold water shot out of both. He dropped me at home, promised to see me tomorrow and didn't charge me for the ride. A bottle of Cristal, he says to the waitress before turning back to the blond. Not too many boys find me that attractive, only cause Im a goth.